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IntoMath frequently asked questions

➡️ How does it work?

We offer grade-based accelerated and targeted math courses. Each course contains 7 video lessons, 7 notes and 7 quality practice sheets (from simple to challenging).
The topics in each course have been pre-selected based on the educated findings of what students usually need the most help with and/or what they need to truly master in order to grasp other, more complex concepts.
At the end of each grade course a students complete an online quiz.

➡️ How much does it cost?

$13.99/month per course or $39.99/6 months and $69.99/year for all courses.

Which makes it only $2 per lesson! 🤩

An online tutoring session would cost you a minimum of $20/45 minute session 😒

➡️ Why can an individual course be only purchased for a month?

The expectation is that a student would spend no more than one hour on each lesson + 30 minutes on review. We have found that knowing that there is a time-frame for access to video lessons, students use their learning time more effectively.

All notes and practice sheets are downloadable.

➡️ Are you offering any free lessons or learning materials?

Yes! In the description of the course you will find the links to some free lessons.
Our “Free Worksheets Page” has free worksheets, handouts and activities to do at home.
There are also more free lessons on our YouTube channel.

➡️ What is your philosophy?

We believe that in order to be successful in math and be able to tackle complex ideas, a student needs to have a strong foundation. Therefore, we are teaching topics such as fractions, factors, percent, equations, etc in an effective, straightforward way, with additional practice and challenges.
Our materials have been developed by experienced European mathematicians in accordance with the curriculum of a number of Canadian provinces.

➡️ Are you planning to offer high school courses?

Grade 9 is already available!
We are also planning to have the same format courses for grades 10 and 11 by March-April 2020. Stay tuned!

➡️ When is the best time to sign my child up for IntoMath? Beginning, middle or end of the school year?

IntoMath could be a useful grade review tool right at the beginning of the year. It could also be used as a skill building tool for the current grade, which could significantly boost student’s confidence at school.
At the end of the year, IntoMath could help a student solidify their knowledge of the grade-specific content and help prepare for evaluations and standardized tests.

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