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Math Lessons and Targeted Practice

Private math tutors charge upwards of $70/hr !

With IntoMath, for $40 you will get access to all IntoMath video lessons, notes and practice, all available grades, for 6 months!

intomath more effective math lessons

Browsing online for an appropriate video lesson can take hours!

IntoMath video lessons are grouped by grade and topics have been carefully pre-selected

GRADE 5 intomath list of math lessons
GRADE 6 math lessons list
  • Numbers up to 1000 000

  • Prime Factoring, Exponents, GCF, LCM

  • Fraction properties. Comparing Fractions

  • Multiplying and dividing by a two-digit number

  • Percent (FREE Lesson)

  • Decimals (FREE Lesson)

  • Dividing decimals. Units of measure

GRADE 7 math lessons list
  • Rectangle and square. Area and perimeter (FREE Lesson)

  • Number line. Negative numbers. Comparing numbers

  • Adding/subtracting fractions with different denominators

  • Multiplying/dividing simple fractions

  • Adding/subtracting positive/negative numbers

  • Multiplying/dividing positive/negative numbers

  • Collecting like terms. Solving linear equations

GRADE 8 math lessons list