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Math Lessons and Targeted Practice

Private math tutors charge upwards of $50/hr !

With IntoMath, for less than $40 you will get access to all IntoMath video lessons, notes and practice, all available grades, for 6 months!

intomath more effective math lessons

Browsing online for an appropriate math video lesson can take hours!

IntoMath video lessons are grouped by grade and topics have been carefully pre-selected

GRADE 5 intomath list of math lessons
GRADE 6 math lessons list
  • Numbers up to 1000 000

  • Prime Factoring, Exponents, GCF, LCM

  • Fraction properties. Comparing Fractions

  • Multiplying and dividing by a two-digit number

  • Percent (FREE Lesson)

  • Decimals (FREE Lesson)

  • Dividing decimals. Units of measure

GRADE 7 math lessons list
  • Rectangle and square. Area and perimeter (FREE Lesson)

  • Number line. Negative numbers. Comparing numbers

  • Adding/subtracting fractions with different denominators

  • Multiplying/dividing simple fractions

  • Adding/subtracting positive/negative numbers

  • Multiplying/dividing positive/negative numbers

  • Collecting like terms. Solving linear equations

GRADE 8 math lessons list
GRADE 9-min.jpg
  • Exponents and Exponent Laws

  • Polynomials. Simplifying algebraic expressions

  • Distributive Property and Common Factoring

  • Solving linear equations

  • Linear relations. Distance, time, speed

  • Linear Function. Slope of a line (FREE Lesson)

  • Surface Area and Volume. Pyramid and Cone

With IntoMath, you decide when and where to learn. Log on when you are working on math homework and improve your understanding of the math topic at hand within minutes.

Our online math video lessons target specific math concepts. You work at your own pace, pause the video when needed, fill in the note on your tablet or print it and complete additional math practice to better understand the topic.

Improve Your Math Results with IntoMath

  • Review concepts for an upcoming math test or project

  • Solve homework problems you're stuck on

  • Recap concepts learned in class

  • Prepare for the upcoming semester/year

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