5 Halloween Math Activities and Worksheets for Middle School

Updated: Jan 17

Halloween is just around the corner. Did you know that it originated as a Celtic festival where people were lighting bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts? Overtime Halloween turned into a fun trick-or-treating pumpkin carving day. Halloween based activities and worksheets can be incorporated into any subject, including math to make learning more theme based, engaging and fun. In this blog post we are sharing 5 middle school math worksheets and activities that will add some Halloween excitement to learning at school or at home. 1. When is the best time for Trick-or-Treating? In this worksheet students are being asked to correctly identify the time using a 24-hr clock and draw the arrows in the correct positions. Then, decide which clock shows the best time for trick-or-treating.

2. Will you attend Count Dracula’s Halloween Party? In this worksheet students are required to “climb 24 stairs” to Count Dracula’s castle by simplifying algebraic expressions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, collecting like terms) in order to make it to the Halloween Party. Will they accept the challenge and get to the party in just 15 minutes?

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3. Can you help the witch find her broom? In this activity students are solving one and two step linear equations in order to help the witch find her broom. Will they help the witch find the broom?

4. Multi-shape black cat A black cat is one of the symbols of Halloween. How much material was needed to make this black cat Halloween décor? Determine which shapes make up the cat and calculate their total area.

5. Can you convert percent into pieces of candy? Alicia went trick or treating and is sharing her candy with her siblings. 25% would go to her sister, 40% would be equally shared among her two brothers, the rest she would keep for herself. How many candy pieces did each one of the siblings get?

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