Math Websites for Middle School

Updated: Jan 1


IntoMath offers targeted, structured, grade-specific math video lessons accompanied by notes and extra practice. Parents can subscribe for one month or get a semi-annual plan at a very reasonable price. They also offer free resources that could be printed and done at school or at home.

Pros: organized and grade-specific; $2 per lesson with printable notes and practice; lessons are easy to follow and there is an online quiz at the end of each grade set; free Ontario EQAO practice and free worksheets.

Cons: no interactive games, some lessons are free

Math Playground

Math Playground offers games and teaching resources for students in grades 1- 6. Games, arcades, logic activities and story math will make a nice addition to a homework or a lesson routine.

Pros: a great variety of games on different math concepts and topics; free.

Cons: can become overwhelming; sometimes difficult to find what you need; no printable notes and practice for students.


Mathopolis is a great website for students who want to practice specific math skills from Grade 2 to 12. Their questions are interactive multiple choice mini-quizzes that could be used as an addition to homework and as a supplement to practice in class.

Pros: a great variety of interactive, multiple choice mini-quizzes on grade-specific topics with solutions; attractive and easy to navigate website; free.

Cons: no lessons, only specific problem solutions.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well-structured website that provides grade-specific video lessons and online practice. Khan Academy covers middle and high school and could be used in class or at home as a review and practice tool.

Pros: organized by grades and topics; video lessons; online practice; free.

Cons: no printable resources; no pre-made notes to go with the video lessons.

IXL (Math)

IXL is a very good resource that covers a variety of math skills from K to 12. They offer lessons and practice. Students also win virtual awards as they progress, which can add motivation. They do not have video lessons, however, following their written lessons is easy. Their monthly membership is $12.95.

Pros: interactive; covers many topics and skills; website easy to navigate, explanations easy to follow; offer virtual awards and diagnostic testing; reasonably priced.

Cons: the number of topics can be overwhelming; no teacher led video lessons.

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