Fractions and Rational Expressions

Fractions are a fun component of math, despite the fact that many students often fear fractions due to lack of understanding of how they work.

When introducing fractions to students, teachers go out of their way trying to explain the relationships between fractions and wholes. They use manipulatives, real life examples, songs, mnemonics and different visuals. It definitely pays off and students are able to quickly compare fractions represented as Lego pieces or pizza slices, compare them and do basic operations with them.

Where students eventually lose confidence, though, is when visuals and manipulatives turn into algebra on paper/tablet and when they need to go further, working with rational expressions that involve variables.

In this blog post we are offering activities on fractions and rational expressions for different ages and abilities. They will help achieve the necessary instructional balance between learning using manipulatives and applying skills to solving algebra problems in pencil.

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